New Bill Could Make it Illegal to Charge Landlords for Inspections

A new bill was recently proposed in Indiana that would make it illegal for a landlord to be charged for inspections and registration of rental properties by their municipality.

Officials say that these fees promote better housing conditions, and banning fees would harm those efforts. Some cities in Indiana charge a per unit registration fee as well as an inspection fee. Sometimes inspection fees are only charged if a violation is present. Other cities charge only if and when a property changes owners.

Many landlords think that the fees are frivolous and are just an effort to fund struggling departments. Often understanding their need to charge for city inspections if a violation is present, but feeling that annual registration fees and mandatory inspection fees reach too far.

Action is expected to be taken on house bill 1313 any day now. If passed, collection of this type of fee would be banned starting July 1 of this year.

image courtesy of diamanti