Don’t worry be happy

These days less and less Americans are saying that they are happy. In fact a recent study shows that nearly 30 percent less people say they are less optimistic this year than they were a decade ago. In the last decade the people that were Optimistic about the future has dropped from 79% to about 50%.

Other interesting findings from this Time column report that 64% of Democrats feel better about themselves when people “like” their social media comments vs only 29% of Republicans., and that having a job with poor benefits and pay is better for people’s morale than “no job at all”.

People making 150k or more per year were twice as likely to say they were happy as people making under 20k per year, so money can buy you happiness I guess :-).

It seems that 11% of Americans have experienced depression by the age of 18, poor kids :-(.

Here’s one to tie in to the theme of Renting… Homeowners are NOT any happier than renters, BUT Renters are less likely carry around the burdens of extra stress and extra pounds. Guess owning a home is stressful, so why not rent from Real Property Management?

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