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5 Tips For Why and When To Conduct Routine Rental Inspections To Protect Your Rental Property…

Your rental properties are valuable assets to you and your livelihood. You do your best to make sure that you only get good tenants that you can trust will maintain and value the place they’re calling home. Sometimes the most thorough tenant screening processes let one bad tenant slip through the cracks and your property […]

Reasons Why Tenants, Landlords, and Property Managers All Like Online Portals For Rental Property Communications…

Whether you’re the tenant, landlord, or property manager, you can benefit from online owner/tenant portals. Being able to keep all important documents in one place and access them as needed is important. No more wasting time! Portals are a great tool to communicate, address concerns, and manage properties. As a landlord, are you using online […]

Landlords / Property Managers – Have You Heard of Rent Guarantee Insurance?

As a landlord, one of your biggest concerns about your investment property is likely whether or not your tenants will pay their rent. On average, 9 million landlords manage their own rentals. To help ensure you’ll receive your payment, Real Property Management Midwest can offer you rent guarantee insurance. Many landlords are unaware that this […]