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Useful Life, Normal Wear and Tear?

Useful Life and Expectancy It’s a situation that’s fairly common in residential property management. Move-out day arrives. The tenant has vacated the property, and as the landlord you’re ready to walk the unit and complete the move-out inspection. You open the door and stop, mouth open. It’s dirty. The carpet and paint are damaged, beyond […]

Celebrate, Relax! Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day weekend is upon us – a time to celebrate, relax, take advantage of a long weekend, and most importantly, to remember Americans who died while in  military service. Observed annually on the last Monday of May, the holiday was formerly known as Decoration Day, when the graves of fallen soldiers were decorated in […]

4 Ways To Lower Your Property Maintenance Costs

Property management in Ohio and Kentucky comes with it’s own set of unique challenges. However, maintaining your property to keep it in pristine condition is something every investment property owner needs to do. The good news is that with a little planning and a few smart decisions, taking good care of your property won’t require […]

The Important Game of Tenant Retention

Real Property Management Midwest Having a vacant property will be the largest expense a landlord can incur. Not only are you losing a fixed amount each month in rent, when you take into account the costs of advertising, getting it rent-ready, and the monthly mortgage costs you still have to pay, the totals quickly stack […]

So you think you’re an adult….but are you master of your domain?

5 things every adult should know how to do around the house (DIY) Part of being an adult is creating a well-functioning place to call home. If you want to add a personal touch, like artwork on the walls, you need to hang it. If something breaks, you have to be able to fix it […]

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Hosting a Mardi Gras party this year?  You’ll need all the normal party supplies, with a twist…. The centerpiece of any Mardi Gras party is booze & beads…..But, after that comes the King Cake. A King Cake is a round cake, typically made with twisted strands of cinnamon-dough, and sprinkled with purple, green and gold […]

Bad Things Always Make the Great Things Better!

How much do you know about Cincinnati Style Chili? Have you ever tried it?…. Cincinnati USA is the Chili Capital of the United States and, likely, the world.  With National Chili Day arriving Thursday February 28th. all eyes are focused on our wieners and spaghetti, onions and shredded cheese.    There’s something about the smell of a chili dog […]

DIY Spring Maintenance Tips

Enjoying the outdoors? The bright sun and warmer days of spring are like a breath of fresh air. Get outside and enjoy it! It’s also the perfect time to complete a few “must do” home maintenance items that can potentially help avoid big repair bills later. Visually inspect your roof. The roof is your home’s […]

Hosting the Superest Super Bowl Party!

Are you planning to host the epicist Super Bowl party EVER this year?…A Super Bowl party awesomer than lame-o-Phil Whatshisname threw in 2018?  With so many options and ideas swirling, it’ll be easy to blow Phil’s party out-the-window…..As long as you don’t lose sight of what the big day is all about: food, puppy-bowl (put $50 on team Ruff)  […]

Tenant ‘Improvements’: When Residents Make Things Worse

The best residents for any rental home are those who care for the property as if it were their own. But sometimes, residents feel the need to customize a rental home a bit too much. Residents who make improvements to the rental by themselves, or make repairs when things break or get damaged. Whether motivated […]