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A Little Info About REIT’s

For most people who are homeowners, their home is not only the place to hang their hat, potentially raise a family, and proudly make improvements–it also represents a substantial part of their assets, and perhaps their retirement. Unlike other forms of investment, like stocks and bank accounts, property is not easily diversified. Essentially, all of your eggs are in […]

What “Smart Growth” Could Mean to Your City

On a very basic level, Smart Growth is an urban planning and development strategy for community improvement. The focus is on walkability, rehabilitation of old structures, compact design, preservation of open space and farmland, and a variety of transportation options, to name a few. Smart Growth also encourages involvement and collaboration from the community and stakeholders, […]

What’s a TIF?

And no, I don’t mean the file type extension (like .jpg, .pdf, .png, etc.). I mean the acronym, T.I.F., also known as tax increment financing. Sounds incredibly dull, doesn’t it? Well, TIF’s are important to know about because they are just one of the many building blocks that make up a community and allow development to happen. That […]

Louisville Gets a Star

Many cities are focusing their efforts on sustainability, which means becoming more forward-thinking and planning for continued success in the future. On August 1, Star Communities, an organization that evaluates sustainability efforts, named Louisville a four-star community. This is a national award, and Louisville is now the 10th city in the country to receive the […]

Green Roof and Wall Symposium in Louisville

Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, KY recently hosted a symposium on green roofs and walls. Not only was the information interesting and exciting, but the speakers and presenters were passionate and engaging. These people really seem to know their stuff! After a full day of hearing from subject matter experts, for me the bottom […]

Shipping Container Houses

An interesting housing trend which has been gaining traction over the last several years is using shipping containers to build houses. A shipping container is a standardized, reusable steel box used to ship and move goods and materials. The shipping lifespan of a shipping container is limited, and afterwards they are sometimes used for more permanent […]

Grow More Mow Less

We all love a nice, manicured lawn and the endless visions of summer BBQ’s, gatherings, and games of catch they conjure. But who has the time and ability to maintain a pristine garden haven? Not only are lawns time-consuming and work-intensive, but lawn mowers are costly to maintain, not to mention gas prices are going […]