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How to Avoid a Rental Scam

If you’ve ever searched for a rental on Craigslist, you’ve probably come across some interesting offers.  Who would think there were so many Nigerian Prince’s needing your help, right?  What’s even more baffling than all of these royals needing your money is the number of people who actually fall for it and send the money!  […]

These Tools Can Increase Home Safety

Whether you’re a home owner or renting, having these tools in your home can greatly increase your home safety. Smoke alarms – a smoke detector with an audible alarm is one of the most important home safety tools.  Some companies are even developing smoke detectors that use the recorded voice of a parent as an […]

Summertime Pool Safety

As it gets warmer, many families are heading towards the pool to cool off and relax.  If you have a pool at your house, it’s important to remember some  tips to keep everyone safe and enjoying their time. Safety drain covers should be in compliance – keep children away from drains, pipes, and other openings. […]

Leasing Your Property – a Step-by-Step Guide

So you’ve got your rental property in tip-top shape and it’s ready to be rented.  The carpets have been shampooed, all the systems (HVAC, plumbing, gutters, etc.) have been inspected, the landscaping is meticulous and you’ve had a cleaning crew scour everything top to bottom, the works.  Now what? 1.  Take high-quality pictures of the […]

In With the Old AND the New in Louisville KY

The real estate market in the Midwest one of the most stable in the country, so when a city starts to grow in size, popularity, or otherwise, it’s a great idea to invest in property and watch your money grow! Louisville, KY is currently growing in leaps and bounds, making it a great place for […]

School Tax Levy’s and How YOU Can Raise Property Values

Recently voters were at the polls again to submit their two-cents on who should be at which appointed political position and what school tax levies will pass/fail. Of the issues currently at hand (and in my opinion one of the most important to consider), is the one involving a child’s education. A co-worker and I […]