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How to Kill Weeds Naturally

It’s that time again, grass cutting season.  In Cincinnati, you never know if you’ll be cutting the grass every 3 days or every 10.  One thing is certain though:  regardless of the rain, weeds have a way of surviving the most temperamental precipitation.  If you are curious about how to kill weeds naturally, here are […]

Keeping Utility Costs Low

When considering a property to rent, a major item of consideration should not be just the rent itself, but the average utility costs that will total into your monthly budget.  Here are a few items of consideration to keep utility costs low. Energy Savings Install a programmable thermostat.  They can help you save 10-15% on […]

New FICO Score 9 Will Replace Existing FICO Score

Much like Larry Page likes to change Google’s algorithm, credit reporting agencies (CRA) like to revamp their scoring model, just to keep us on our toes.  This summer, the widely used FICO score will be completely redesigned as a new scoring model knows as the FICO Score 9.  The consumer lending industry relies heavily on […]

Going Green is Easier Than You Think

Do you want to be part of the green revolution but don’t know quite where to begin?  When going green, I suggest taking baby steps to adjust your carbon footprint.  Yes, pun totally intended.  Going green can be easier than you think.  Here are just a few ideas: Energy-Save energy by programming your thermostat, unplugging […]

Do I Need Landlord Insurance?

Perhaps you never intended to be a landlord but it all happened almost accidentally.  You carry homeowners insurance but now you’ve decided to rent your property out for a year or so.  Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need landlord insurance?”  The answer is yes.  Once your home is considered an income property, your […]

Should I rent or sell? Here is how to decide.

Life is full of changes-divorce, bankruptcy, job transfer, death in the family or any host of issues that can force you to start packing up boxes and hiring movers when you were more keen on making some home improvements, redecorating or planting a garden.  So now you’re faced with the conundrum of listing your home […]

Info about the Time Change

Save-the-date! Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 a.m. It’s time to spring forward. Studies suggest people appreciate more daylight after a long winter, but do you know why we have the time change? Here’s some interesting info about the time change. Not all countries have a standard time change DST. In most of Europe, DST […]

Why has flood Insurance gone up? NOW WHAT? Here’s what to do!

Why has Flood Insurance Gone Up? What to do next? Here’s what to do! If you live where floods happen, you may already have seen an increase on your flood insurance, and if not, you probably will see it when you get your next bill. Here’s WHY rates are changing, and some things you can do […]