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Farewell to the HUD-1 – New HUD not even called HUD!

The loan estimate and settlement disclosure form will soon be replacing not only the trusty HUD 1 but it will wear 2 additional hats-replacing both the Good Faith Estimate and the Truth-in-Lending Disclosure as well. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) rationale is there is too much “legal ease” within the 3 documents that will […]

What do Millennial Tenants Want?

What do Tenants want What do Millennial Tenants want? A LOT of Landlords spend a LOT of money trying to figure out what tenants want. Many landlords spend money without even knowing really what they are doing. Some successfully make improvements trying to “guess” what tenants want, some just intuitively know. Some are just a […]

Zombies Taxes and Guarantee Rent

So, the IRS (shut down or not) imposes taxes on all peoples’ income the United States. But the real problem we have here is that the IRS will be missing a huge tax base when the Zombie Apocalypse comes. WHAT??? Well…. Think about it. As a tax-payer, the Code defines “taxpayer” as “any person subject […]

New RPM Program Protects Owners from Late Paying Tenants

Ever just wish your tenants would pay their rent on time, every month, and not hassle you with a reason (read “excuse”) why they are going to be late? Well, at RPM we’ve created a program that gives you (the landlord) the peace of mind knowing that if your tenant pays late, you’ll still get […]

Don’t worry be happy

These days less and less Americans are saying that they are happy. In fact a recent study shows that nearly 30 percent less people say they are less optimistic this year than they were a decade ago. In the last decade the people that were Optimistic about the future has dropped from 79% to about […]