Make a Statement with a Bold Front Door!

I love homes with a bold front door color. My personal favorite is a classic red front door. I had one stipulation when we were building our house; I wanted a red door! While my front door is not the classic red, it’s close enough in a softer, burnt red hue. Not every house can pull off a red front door, but those that can, do it very well. There is something to be said about the occupants of a home whose front door is a bold color. It definitely makes a statement to those who pass by; it’s a warm, welcoming invitation into a home that your basic black or white front door just does not pull off as well.

This morning on my run through the neighborhood, I began to take special notice to the color of everyone’s front door. There were of course the basic black and white, but to my surprise, more homes than one might be able to guess were bold enough to step outside the color box. Many homes opted for the classic red, but they were plenty of hunter green or shades of blue as well.
I was equally delighted to see a purple door welcoming guests into the home of probably a $350,000 home. While it may not have been the first choice to many, the rich, deep purple was a step away from ordinary and caught my interest right away. Lastly, I ran past a house that is in the process of being renovated. I quickly noticed the new bold aqua front door! Yes, aqua! While this is definitely a very bold move and is not a common color in this part of the country, as it is more common in a coastal community, it was a nice complement to the purple shutters. Paired with an assortment of flowers in pots the color of orange, aqua, and purple arranged on the front porch and the home radiated an artsy vibe which was very delightful.

If you’re daring enough to try for a bold front door color because you are tired of looking at your boring black or white one, I encourage you to try something new and exciting. This is a good way to make your house stand out on the street and set it apart from all the others. A few coats of paint to the front door is all you need to give your home a totally new look.


What color is your front door, how/why did you choose it? Please share any comments below.



Emily Schmidt is a Sibcy Cline REALTOR® from Beavercreek, Ohio. She has helped clients in both the Dayton and Cincinnati areas find their dream home and sell their current property. Emily can be reached by phone at 937-409-6337 or by email at [email protected]




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