How much do you know about Cincinnati Style Chili?

Have you visited, have you tried it?…. Cincinnati USA is the Chili Capital of the United States, likely, the world. With National Chili Dog Day arriving Thursday July 25th. all eyes focus on our wieners, onion, mustard and shredded cheese. There’s something about the smell of a chili dog or cheese coney that’s amazing, a mixture of traditional hot dog in a steamed bun with a scoop of chili on top means the day just got SOOO much better. You’ll find the cheese coney  at county fairs, in the diners along Main St. USA, or simply prepared by MOM at home. On National Chili Dog Day, we celebrate a food that doesn’t make us choose. We celebrate a food that chooses us. We celebrate the chili dog. 

Making decisions about what mouthwatering cuisine to satisfy your appetite during the hot summer months can be difficult. Do you want chili? Do you want hot dogs? Sometimes life doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes you have it all. Picture this….like a shining beacon from the sky, we have chili, riding bareback on a stubby weiner, buried under a dab of mustard, chopped onion and a man made mountain of melting cheddar cheese…..D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Recently, A famous Cincinnatian was overheard saying  “more bad piled on top of bad only makes everything much, much better.” it’s unknown if he was referring to Cincinnati’s professional sports teams? or our delicious Cincinnati chili?…..fact is we don’t care! Cincinnati chili is produced in small batches, sold by the bowl or coney and consumed by the millions at home, in cars, at work or in the parlor where it was concocted. Cincinnati chili is OUR style of chilli, It’s probably not the chili you’re accustomed to or the way you think of it. Our Chili is different from its western cousin “chunky red-pooh in a kettle” In fact, about the only relation it has, is the meat (that’s beef, not horse) cumin and chili powder. After that, the recipe takes an interesting twist that includes chocolate and cinnamon.

By design, you won’t find it far outside the Cincinnati area, the exceptions being N. Florida and Detroit, Mi.  Cincinnati has more chili parlors per capita and square mile than any other city on the continent. Between Skyline ChiliGoldstar (free coney day)  and 140 other Cincinnati chili joints,  Cincinnati-ans eat 2 million+ pounds of chili each year topped by 850,000 pounds of shredded cheddar cheese.

What are you eating today?

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