Dated Trends to Avoid When Remodeling Your Rented or Leased Property…

Periodically renovating your rental property has many benefits such as making your unit more attractive to potential renters, keep it aligned with market value, and preventing a much larger renovation project later down the road when you want o sell the property. There are trends you will want to avoid. The kitchen and bathroom are most subject to the popularity of the moment. When renovating your rental property say with the traditional design. Just remember when the trendy of the moment pass your design would look dated. Start your renovation with the oldest most dated area of the property. The following is a list of some of the home improvements to avoid when doing your renovation.

White on White Bathrooms

When the walls and fixtures are all white and dazzling clean they look beautiful. But unless all-white bathrooms are kept very clean, they will look dirty. White does not conceal dirt and grim. How many renters keep their bathrooms spotless??

Granite Countertops

Yes granite countertops are everywhere. As with any other trend, the popularity of granite means that it will be the old flavor of the decade just like the avocado appliance of the 1960s. So granite countertops will date your property.

Hanging Pots and Pans

Hanging pots and pans was a popular trend that made the kitchen look homey and accessible. Today that looks dated. Today large drawers are encouraged for storage, uncluttered is a better look.

Distressed Cabinets

Do not distress your kitchen or bathroom cabinets because they make them look old. In fact, if your property has distress cabinets it would be a good place to start your renovation project. Choose a neutral color or finish for cabinets. Light or medium walnut, pine stains, or basic colors such as ivory or even gray are suitable choices.

No Window Treatments

For a while, it was a trend for no window treatment. The problem is, window treatment exists for a reason. They provide privacy from the outside world. They also hold in heat in the winter and keep out the heat in the summer. Choose the easiest to maintain and most cost-effective treatment. Simple styles and neutral colors of blinds, shutters, or curtains all have a purpose.

Remember To Be Environmentally Friendly

Many times millennials will be your renters. They are concerned about energy efficiency and pollutants. You will make your unit more attractive if you advertise that your renovations are environmentally friendly. Choose paint that is low or no volatile organic compound (VOCs) they pollute the environment less. Advertise that fact. Do not buy lightbulbs or fixtures without energy efficiency. Look for Energy Star labels to ensure maximal energy conservation.

Always consider the preferences of your future renters during your renovation. Renovations are the way to increase your property’s attractiveness to renters. Just be sure to avoid implementing dated trends.

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