A DIY solution to a few dirty problems

Spring pollen and rain can make quite a mess of your windows, screens and doors. You can hire a professional window washer or take the time, save some hard earned cash and clean the window, screens and door glass yourself.

Quick window cleaning tips:

1.      Fill a spray bottle with a solution of one part white vinegar and 10 parts water (1½ cups per gallon).

2.      Spray the solution on the window glass and wipe clean with a fresh microfiber cloth, squeegee or balled-up newspapers.

3.      If the glass is really dirty simply repeat the process. Make sure the final polish is always done with a clean cloth or dry papers to keep from spreading more dirt on the window.

4.    It’s best to complete this on a cloudy day when the glass is less likely to streak.

Think window screens aren’t important? The air in your home must be continually exchanged with a fresh supply from the outside.  A dirty screen doesn’t “breathe” as well as a clean one and there are several advantages to keeping screens clean. Dirty screens prevent light from making its way into your home and a gust of wind can blow dust from a screen straight into your home, aggravating allergies and increased cleaning time.

To clean window screens:

1.      Fill a child’s swimming pool with water, or build a frame of 2x4s lined with plastic sheeting and fill with water.

2.      Add biodegradable liquid dish soap to the water.

3.      Soak the dirty screens in the soapy mixture for a few minutes.

4.      Gently clean both sides of each screen using a soft brush or broom.

    5.    Rinse the screens with a hose and allow drying time before reinstalling the screen. Easy enough?

DIY window and screen cleaning cost $25. Hiring a professional window washer $250+


picture via www.primebuyersreport.org

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