Driving a Moving Truck for Dummies

I remember moving from Ohio into Kentucky in my rented U-Haul, driving down Fort Washington Way in sheer terror, realizing that my mirrors weren’t adjusted for my 5’3″ self and basically everything was a blind spot.  I live to tell this story by the grace of God.  To that end, let’s talk about driving a moving truck for dummies.

The Cockpit-Just like any new car, make sure you get acclimated with your surroundings.  Know how to turn on headlights, wipers, turn signals, hazards, etc.  You wouldn’t want to be caught in severe weather or an emergency situation, particularly when driving a considerable distance and be unfamiliar with locating such controls.

Clearance Clarence-This is a larger vehicle so bear in mind that turning is a whole new ball game compared to an average size car.  Also, more weight means you can’t stop on a dime so allow ample space between you and other vehicles and ample time to brake.

Mirrors-Obviously this tip holds a special place in my heart, because my heart was in my throat for that entire drive in a state of terror and panic.  ADJUST YOUR MIRRORS!  For the average licensed non-CDL driver, this is most likely going to be a more challenging driving experience for you.  The use of mirrors is crucial.  Before “take-off,” make sure that all mirrors are accurately adjusted to suit your view points.  Do not rely solely on your mirrors, however.  If possible, also look with your own eyes when backing up or changing lanes.  Just make sure you only move only your head and not the whole vehicle.  Tricky, I know.

Size Matters-This may seem like a gimme, but smaller moving trucks will be the least risky to drive.  Take an inventory of just how much stuff you have to move and rent a smaller truck.  This may save you money as well.

If the task of doing the driving on your own seems daunting, there are other options.  However, taking heed of the aforementioned tips and using your own common sense should you provide you with safe travels and a smooth move, keeping both you and your belongings in one piece.