4 Ways To Lower Your Property Maintenance Costs

Property management in Ohio and Kentucky comes with it’s own set of unique challenges. However, maintaining your property to keep it in pristine condition is something every investment property owner needs to do. The good news is that with a little planning and a few smart decisions, taking good care of your property won’t require significant extra effort. Instead, it’ll just take a few new habits and changes to the way you’re probably already doing things. Here are 4 ways Real Property Management Midwest keeps tenant satisfaction high and maintenance costs low for our clients.

1. Budget. Budget. Budget.

The worst thing you can do as a rental property owner is to be caught unprepared for an emergency or maintenance request. Set aside some money every month for inevitable issues, so when something does come up (and it will), you’ll be ready. Additionally, by using that fund to pay for repairs, you won’t create credit card debt.

4. Know your Laws

Sending someone to fix a problem at one of your properties sounds easy. However, there are some repairs that require a licensed professional with credentials ,otherwise you could be in violation of local municipality or state law. Furthermore, most repairs require documentation of the communication between the landlord and tenant in order to avoid lawsuits. Be sure you know the rules and regulations before you dive into anything!

3. Answer the phone

When your tenant calls, pick up the phone – no matter when it is. If you respond promptly to maintenance requests, you’ll have happy tenants. Even better, you’ll have the opportunity to take care of any problem before they become larger issues. That means a well-kept property will attract quality tenants for years to come.

4. Get ready for a show

When you have a vacancy, it’s a great time to complete all the little things before you start advertising. That means updating light fixtures, switches, a box of new furnace filters, a whole house cleaning—carpets, windows, etc.—don’t forget cleaning on the HVAC system. Regular turnover maintenance can go a long way in keeping your home in the best possible condition. There you have it – our tips to help keep your property management costs low and happy tenants in place.

Real Property Management Midwest (RPM Midwest, LLC) operates in Central and Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and in Louisville, Kentucky. We manage Single-family homes, apartment buildings and individual condo units. With years of experience, Real Property Management is Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Louisville and Northern Kentucky’s #1 Property Management and Leasing Company.

We offer Full Service Property Management for those Owners who need more than just Leasing services, and who want a guarantee to go along with their service!  We also have a Leasing Service (if that’s all you need) for tenant placement and you can do the rest. We’ll screen them and …. OH YEAH – OF COURSE WE’LL GUARANTEE THEM.  And if all you need is a little help with a bad tenant, our Eviction Service will help you get a non-paying tenant out the door, and you can be hands off… no going to the property, no Court appearances, just turn it over to us and we’ll handle the rest.

No one in the region offers the level of Leasing Services and Property Management that we do. Our franchises in Ohio and Kentucky have grown to over 1800 properties currently under management. RPM’s goal is to treat our customers well, and our service is driven towards customer retention. Don’t be fooled, by the fools acting as property managers. Real Property Management employs only licensed, dedicated real estate professionals who make owning rental property the profitable and enjoyable experience it should be while providing you the most valuable commodity… Free time.

Matt Pelton

Matt’s an Ohio licensed Realtor with 20+ years experience in residential and investment sales, leasing, property management, he offers pre-purchase consultations and BPO’s for select investors and lending institutions. Matt currently works as the Sales Manger at Real Property Management. You can contact him at 866.500.6200, via email ([email protected]) or @CincySalesGuy 

As the largest property management brand in the country, Real Property Management is well equipped to maximize your investment, alleviate the daily burdens, and provide you with detailed communication along the way.  How can Real Property Management help you?

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