Good Tenant Characteristics

So your property is ready to rent, you’ve advertised and had showings (hopefully with RPM!), and at least one person seems very interested in renting.  How do you know if they’re going to be a good tenant?  Will they pay rent on time and responsibly care for the property while it’s in their possession?  What other characteristics should you look for?

Background checks, credit checks and income verifications weed out the obvious offenders.  Contacting past landlords can be helpful for feedback about timely rent payment, and contacting references provides information about the person’s history.  Real Property Management performs all of these checks routinely with each and every new applicant, to ensure we are getting the best tenant possible.

Meeting the applicant personally to show them the property is probably the best way to get to know them and their story.  In addition to a good credit score, clean rental history, and sufficient income, here are some characteristics of a good tenant:

  1. Timeliness.  Good tenants will be on time to showings and appointments.  They understand your time is important and they are respectful of that.  This also shows they are good managers and organizers of their own time.
  2. Readiness.  Good tenants have the necessary information ready and available (like paystubs, identification, etc.).  This shows they are prepared, they understand what is required, and they are serious about renting.
  3. Funds.  Good tenants understand they will need to pay a deposit and rent before they move in, and they will have those funds available before they start the process.
  4. Questions.  Good tenants ask good questions.  They want to know their responsibilities as far as property upkeep and rent payment, so they can fulfill these requirements.
  5. Responsibility.  Good tenants take responsibility for their duties as a tenant, and they have pride in their property and it’s value.

Finding a good tenant is more difficult than you might think!  It takes time and effort, and the first person to apply is not always the most qualified!  RPM and their team of qualified leasing agents have experience and resources to narrow down the best tenant for you and your property.