Grow More Mow Less

We all love a nice, manicured lawn and the endless visions of summer BBQ’s, gatherings, and games of catch they conjure. But who has the time and ability to maintain a pristine garden haven? Not only are lawns time-consuming and work-intensive, but lawn mowers are costly to maintain, not to mention gas prices are going up!

If you must have grass (and who could blame you?) then electric lawn mowers may be the less expensive option and they are certainly more environmentally friendly. However, if you really want to cut costs and emissions, you may want to consider switching to plants you don’t have to mow. Or, mulch, gravel, and pavers are always an option.

Louisville government has a program called Grow More Mow Less which provides information about low-mow lawns and plant options that don’t require mowing. The program even offers rebates for mowing equipment!

So if you’re tired of the constant elbow grease you put into your lawn and are looking for a more sustainable and maintainable option, you may want to consider a low-mow yard.