Helpful Tips To Help You Decide If You Should Convert Your Single-Family Home Into A Rental…

Why may you want to rent out a home? Maybe you inherited a house? Maybe you are moving into a larger home and want to create some income for yourself? Whatever the reason, it is important to know a few things about renting property before jumping in headfirst. We would like to give you a few tips before you transition from homeowner to landlord.

Should You Rent You Home?

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Getting The House In Shape For Renters

This may sound obvious but before a single-family home goes up for rent, you must spruce it up and make sure it is resident-ready. This will help you attract renters, as a refreshed and updated home attracts looks.  Additionally, you will need to check with your city to see if the house is up to code.

State And Local Laws For Building Codes And Safety

These codes set minimum safety standards for housing conditions and are mandatory for landlords to abide by. When you have refreshed and updated your house, it is time to schedule an inspection with your local building department. Some cities will charge a small fee for the inspection. If you neglect to contact your city, it could lead to thousands of dollars of fines if you are not in compliance with the law.


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