Hot Home Design Trends For 2018

Whether your home is due for a design update or you simply prefer to keep up with the latest decor styles, experts have revealed the decorating trends that will dominate 2018. So, if you’re planning to sell your house, go for it!  Or take these elements and become the trendiest people on Earth in 2018 – beyond.  Now you know what’s hot and what’s not.  Top 10 styles experts say will be the rage in 2018 — and two that are so last year…..


1. Mixed metallics

Silver and gold no longer need to be separated like sparring design siblings. Not only can these metallics be mixed but also they can be joined by the ugly sidter, rose gold, which brings a softer, warmer hue to any room.

2. Colorful appliances

If you believe stainless steel has lost its luster (pun), you’re not alone. The good news is 2018 is the perfect time to embrace a pop of color when it comes to your appliances. In addition to stoves in bright, bold shades, you’ll also find washers and dryers that are so design-licious it’s almost a shame to relegate them to the laundry room.

3. Patterned flooring

Goodbye, simple grainy hardwood! Patterned flooring adds interest to a room and can pull it all together. Expect to see geometric shapes as well as exotic Moroccan-inspired design that will make guests stop in their tracks and take notice.

4. Patterned fabrics

Say “yo-yo-GO!” to solids when it comes to home furnishings as well. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose DESIGN patterns, both geometric and florals, alongside neutrals for a one-of-a-kind look that shows off your personality.

5. Velvet furnishings

Is there anything as luxurious as velvet? 2018 is the year to cozy up to this ultra-soft upholstery. Don’t be afraid to select an eye-catching color that makes the room as interesting as it is inviting.

6. Color of the year: ultra violet

If you’ve always had a love for lavender, this is your year! The Pantone Color of the Year is ultra violet. The blue-based purple evokes both a modern and vintage feel at the same time. The best part is it’s extremely versatile. From the powder room to the bedroom, this soft hue can be dressed up with modern art and accent fixtures, or simply provide a stunning backdrop in an understated space.

7. Curvy furniture & natural accent pieces

Get ready to see curvier, rounder shapes in furnishings as comfort takes a front row seat in your living or family rooms. Adding to that more laid-back vibe, accent pieces add a more natural look, with woods featured prominently, particularly in the table arena. Because, let’s be honest, bringing a bit of the outdoors in never goes out of style.

8. Spa-like bathrooms

Bathrooms get a fancy face-lift in the new year. Transforming this space into a spa-like sanctuary may be simpler than you’d think. A new tub, luxurious black and white towels, floral arrangements, and candles all create an overall appeal that serves up an oasis in your very own home.

9. Wabi Sabi

Yeah? Me neither…..Not to be confused with Japanese horseradish, wabi sabi is the Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in imperfection. That means handcrafted items, including pottery, are going to be all the rage. So put them on display and embrace the notion that not everything needs to be flawless to be beautiful.

10. Jewel tones

Beige and gray are taking a year off as jewel tones arrive on the home decor scene with a welcome flourish. These shades will help warm up your winter by making your rooms more vibrant.

Trends That Are Out

1. Word Wall Art (thank you God!)

Word wall art is so 2017. In other words, you’ll need to keep thoughts in your head and out of your living space. Looks like you’ll need to find inspiration another way.

2. Barn doors

It’s hard not to love a rustic barn door, but just because it’s an impressive design, that doesn’t mean it works in any and ALL homes. If you’ve got an otherwise modern-style, I’m sorry, but the barn door is going to stick out like a rooster in a hen-house. (tacky)


Matt Pelton

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