Boosting Your Home’s Value With Landscaping

Boosting your home or real estate investment’s value overnight with DIY landscaping.

Want to boost the value of your home 7-19 percent overnight AND make it sell or rent quicker? In the upcoming spring beef up the landscaping in front of your home or investment. Big-ticket landscaping items — mature trees, well-formed shrubs and a green lawn — can increase the value of your home up to 19 percent and decrease the time it sits on the sale or rental market by 10 to 15 percent, says Ohio landscape economist John Harris.

Beautiful trees, which add the bulk of the value, not only add to your home’s bottom line, but they’ll boost the value of your neighbor’s houses, too. A Dayton, Ohio study found that a large-canopy tree, like a maple, planted in the front yard of an urban house increased the sale price on average by nearly $4,000 (the equivalent of adding almost 130 square feet of finished space) and shaved almost two days off its time on the market. Plus, the tree added almost $10,000 to the value of the 7.6 houses lying within the tree’s 100-foot radius.

Of course, trees and other landscaping only add value if they’re healthy, well maintained, and fit in with the landscape on your block. Fall, by the way, is a good time in most areas of the country — zones 4 to 8 — to plant trees, because they don’t have to combat heat and drought before they become established.

“During the winter months in many parts of the U.S., roots are still active,”Mike Bliss of Columbus, told Home Score. “The tree starts to acclimatize itself to your soil. So in the spring, it bursts forth with leaves and flowers.”

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