How to Kill Weeds Naturally

It’s that time again, grass cutting season.  In Cincinnati, you never know if you’ll be cutting the grass every 3 days or every 10.  One thing is certain though:  regardless of the rain, weeds have a way of surviving the most temperamental precipitation.  If you are curious about how to kill weeds naturally, here are a few simple ways.

Vinegar-There are so many uses for vinegar it’s insane, just google all of it’s many uses.  Here is one more hat it can wear:  an all natural herbicide.  Simply fill a pump sprayer with vinegar and spray those pesky weeds away.

Salt-Table salt is an all natural (not to mention cheap) way to kill weeds.  Make sure you use sparingly if you intend to grow anything in the vicinity, as salt makes for a poor growing environment for grass and other plants.

Cornmeal-This is your most proactive measure as it doesn’t allow weed seeds to grow.  That being said, if you’re going to go this route to kill weeds, wait until your desired plants/flowers/vegetables have grown before using cornmeal.  It doesn’t discriminate between seeds just as vinegar doesn’t discriminate between your desired plants or weeds.

Of course there are dozens of commercial products that keep weeds from coming back.  However if you are environmentally conscious, I suggest you try some of these natural, economical alternatives.


image courtesy of contributed by Gualberto107