Independence Day!

Independence Day, also known as the 4th of July has been an official U.S. holiday since 1941. However, the tradition of celebrating our country’s independence from Great Britain goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution. On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later, on July 4, its delegation adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Americans love to celebrate just about anything….and the 4th of July doesn’t disappoint as one of America’s more popular holidays. Along with typical 4th of July festivities including picnics, barbecues, parades and all things BOOM. the celebrations bring huge crowds, traffic, booked hotels, campgrounds, crowded beaches, and grocery shortages of the popular holiday staples: Hot dogs, hamburgers, apple pie, ice and beer splattered with the red, white and blue of our beloved Old Glory. Still many choose to avoid the havoc and take advantage of the holiday weekend relaxing at home. 

Some of the dangers of Independence Day weekend include the increased traffic and subsequent increase in driving-related accidents, not to mention intoxicated drivers, bikers, walkers, or even drunk people just sitting in lawn chairs have been known to be loud and obnoxious. If you must drive this weekend, please plan responsibly, try to avoid driving late at night, and never ever drive while intoxicated.

 Fireworks are the quintessential 4th of July event, be it in the form of an enormous local display put on by The local Moose Lodge or little handheld sparklers, use precaution. For the large fireworks shows, I’d assume the professionals are taking precautions to ensure safety. If you live in an area where fireworks are allowed to be purchased and set-off on a smaller-scale, please be sure to follow safety protocol. The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers helpful advice and statistics about fireworks, here. Before purchasing or igniting fireworks, be familiar your state’s rules regarding fireworks and which types may be lawfully purchased and used by your neighbors.


The 4th of July is about as American as it gets – a time to join friends and family and celebrate our great country. Let’s all enjoy and be safe this year!  What are your plans for the long Holiday weekend?  If you own rental property, do you allow fireworks on your property?  

 Matt Pelton

Matt’s an Ohio licensed Realtor with 20+ years in residential and investment sales, leasing and property management. Matt offers pre-purchase consultations and BPO’s for investors, lending institutions and independent lenders. Matt splits his time between Sales Manager and resident SuperHero at Real Property Management.  Contact Matt via Mat-Signal by night or during the day via the interwebs or 866.500.6200 –[email protected] IG @CincySalesGuy – @ColumbusRealPropertyMGT – @RealPropertManagementMidwest

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