Info about the Time Change

Save-the-date! Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 a.m. It’s time to spring forward. Studies suggest people appreciate more daylight after a long winter, but do you know why we have the time change? Here’s some interesting info about the time change.

  • LOC ClockNot all countries have a standard time change DST. In most of Europe, DST occurs on the last Sunday in March. (The U.S and Canada change time on the second Sunday in March.) DST is not observed near the equator or in most countries in Africa.
  • DST gives us 238 days with more daylight. According to the Department of Energy, the change of time is supposed to save energy – it does – a little….A November 2008 study by the D.O.E. shows that we save 0.5% from electricity used every day during DST.

  • DST is the perfect reminder to change smoke detector batteries and check household fire extinguishers.

  • Additional benefits include positive effects on retail business, traffic accidents, tourism, travel and even health.

  • Daylight Saving time ends on November 2, 2:00 a.m. (fall back).  

After a long, dreary winter take the time to get outside and enjoy the extra light in the evening. Prepare gardens, begin an exercise regimen or walk the neighborhood, renew friendships and meet the new neighbors. The only thing is, get to bed early so you don’t miss that hour of sleep :-(.