The Real Property Management Quarterly Inspection Program

Should you do property inspections? We say of course!!! But don’t just take our word for it, Read this article from BiggerPockets on the matter.

The Real Property Management Difference is the Owner can OPT IN or OPT OUT of inspections if you think differently.

They Can ALSO change the number of Inspections and do ANY NUMBER THEY want to personalize their experience!!!

We’re easy to work with! We will do our best to meet your specific needs, after all we always work in the Owner’s best interest:

In the past, RPM performed only 2 periodic “visual” inspections that focused solely on cosmetic issues recently we upgraded to this more sophisticated multi-point inspection and preventative maintenance program.


  • Replace the Main Furnace / A/C filter in the home (NOTE: Clogged filters are THE primary cause of  “No AC” / “No Heat” calls)

  • Providing a “backup” furnace filter left at the property to support proper functioning of the furnace.

  • Educate your tenant on proper furnace filter replacement and we “leave behind,” outlining the items completed during the inspection.

  • First we test the smoke detectors for their condition/batteries.

  • Then we replace batteries or detectors as  needed (additional charges apply per battery/detector) to maintain property standards.

  • Checking faucets, showers, sinks, and toilets for plumbing leaks.

  • Conducting a visual inspection of the exterior foundation and taking photos to document the condition.

  • Inspecting the property’s interior to ensure tenant compliance with the lease requirements and

  • Take photos inside of the condition to document everything.

  • Leave a note that says “We were here doing an inspection today. Call us or email us if you need anything!”

  • Send out Tenant Compliance letters for any issues we find.

  • Do a visual inspection of the property’s outside.

  • Take photos to document the condition.

  • Prepare a comprehensive Property Assessment Report.

  • Email the Owner the photo library, and inspection report, for their records.


  • The cost of this service is just $79.00 per inspection

As we said, The Homeowner is ALWAYS in control!!! They can change their mind at any time, but most people LOVE the pictures and feedback of 4 inspections per year!20160127_101044

In fact, tenants love it too. They love that the “owner” is actually interested in taking care of their property. Tenants come to expect the inspections of their property

Doing inspections is a small price to pay to ensure that tenants take care of your property, and will give you peace of mind as well. Keep in mind you can start with 3 and change to 4, or 2, or 1….  just email us or contact us through our contact us page at any time!


Some legal Jargon about our Inspections:
“Actual number of inspections completed per year may vary based on
Occupancy of the property.
The scheduling of other inspections in the same area
The tenant’s cooperation
The agent’s and tenant’s availability.”