Keeping Utility Costs Low

When considering a property to rent, a major item of consideration should not be just the rent itself, but the average utility costs that will total into your monthly budget.  Here are a few items of consideration to keep utility costs low.

Energy Savings

Install a programmable thermostat.  They can help you save 10-15% on your annual heating and cooling costs.  If you adjust the temperature by 10 degrees for at least 8 hours (an average work day while you are not home) you can reap the most financial benefit, on average about 1% per degree you adjust.  Most programmable thermostats can be programmed to save multiple settings each day to account for when you are at home or away.  Many renters opt to purchase their own so they can take it with them to their next property for continued savings

Window Treatments

Make sure your curtains or drapery is opaque and of dense fabric.  Some are referred to as “black out” curtains which are going to block light in the summer, provide thermal insulation and save energy by trapping heat in the winter.  Additionally, most help with noise reduction and can usually be found at a budget friendly price.

Furnace Efficiency

This one is quick and easy on the wallet-replace your furnace filter.  If the filter is clogged with debris, your furnace has to work considerably harder to force air through the ducts.  Most recommend changing the filter every 90 days.

Though these changes may be small, following these tips will add to considerable savings over the year.  Maybe you can start saving for that much needed vacation after all.