This program allows a new tenant to receive a small rent credit by submitting a complete Application for Residency the same day they see a property. In order to qualify, tenants must also submit income verification within 48 hours of the showing to qualify. If the tenant is approved and signs a lease, they will receive a rent credit in the amount of their paid application fee (ranging from $25 to $100 depending on the number of applicants)*.
Tenants who participate in this program generally move in 5-8 days faster than tenants who do not participate in this program, which ends up netting owners more money in rent overall. For example, if a tenant moves in to a $1,000 rental 8 days earlier and receives a $25 rent credit, the owner would still receive an additional $242 in rent, after the credit. Though not guaranteed, in most cases, the end result is more money for the tenant and the owner, making it a win-win situation for both parties.
It’s important to motivate tenants to commit to a rental as quickly as we can, and the Look and Lease Program is just one way that Real Property Management is on the cutting edge of Property Management Strategies! 


Our Look and Lease Program is designed so that you can receive your application fee credited back to you when you move in. In order to qualify for the credit, all residents over 18 must submit their online application the same day they see the property and income verification must be received within 48 hours*. Up to 4 paid application fees will be credited back to you at the time of lease signing.


*Certain restrictions apply. This offer cannot be combined with other offers such as “free rent”, ½ off of the first month, reduced deposit, or other promotions.