New Septic System Rules for Ohio

The word is out. Change has come. It’s been 37 years since the state of Ohio updated any regulations pertaining to septic systems. It is reported that at least 31% of Ohio’s septic systems were leaking sewage into groundwater.  Time to replace that Brita filter!  However, before you believe all of the hype and spend a fortune, please educate yourself on the new septic system rules for Ohio and separate the fact from fiction.
The ugly rumor that you are going to have to spend a fortune replacing your system is just that, a rumor. The new regulations are targeted toward failing systems and new construction.  However, if there is sewage ON TOP of your system, or backup in the property it may have to be replaced. The average life of a septic system is 25 years with proper maintenance.  Fortunately, it may just mean missing, failing or broken parts may be in need of replacement, and not the whole system itself. This could be a $10k difference so make sure you have it assessed by a trained professional from a reputable company.
So, what will you be charged?  The state will now charge a $25 installation fee if you must replace your septic system and $15 for any alterations.  There will be no charge for the operation permit.  The final review by the Ohio Public Health Advisory Committee is underway.  If you have questions about the new septic system rules in your county, contact your local health department.