Property Management From This Joker?

It’s fun to watch reruns of Three’s Company. Everyone remembers that wacky ’70s show about that cute threesome of “friends” whose shenanigans were a huge headache for their landlord, Mr. Roper? As enjoyable as watching the show was, we can all agree that no one wants to be Mr. Roper in real life. The idea of chasing rents, dealing with unwelcome pets and house guests, or fixing leaking toilets is just too much to handle.

If you want to enjoy the profits of property investments without the headaches? Use a property manager. In Ohio and Kentucky there are all types of property management companies, service plans and agreements. As an owner you need to take the time to find the company that provides you the best value, quality, and service for your dollar. These are the main reasons property owners and investors enlist the help of a professional, licensed property manager.


Property management companies have the best tools to screen tenants credit and criminal background information. The property managers main concern should be placing the highest quality tenant, in the shortest amount of time for the best rent possible. Remember, IF the tenant doesn’t pay rent, the property manager (hopefully) doesn’t get paid either.

Legal Coverage

Property management companies stay up-to-date on legal changes pertaining to rental property and tenant/landlord laws. They prepare air-tight leases and make sure you and your investment are legally protected.

Professional Marketing

A property manager will get your property rented the quickest. Yes, of course you know how to put up a sign, create craigslist ads. But a property management company will market your property across the Internet on hundreds of sites. They know where to find renters and have access to things you don’t.


Those calls about leaking toilets and late rent checks? The property manager will deal with those. For a relatively small fee, you can sit back and watch the investment grow over the years.

Real Property Management offers unmatched service with the most competitive rates in the region. We’re so confident about the service we provide, we guarantee them. What is your property manager willing to guarantee?

If life has changed and the time is right for you to become an investor in residential property, don’t let the idea of becoming a landlord stop you. Take the stress away by choosing a property management company to manage the headaches for you. If you have questions about the management process, contact Real Property Management today!


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