Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

What do you get when you take 80,000 brats, 64,000 sauerkraut balls, 400 pickled pigs feet and combine them with great music and best of all, lots of beer? You get Oktoberfest Zinzinnati! It all started in 1976 as an intimate neighborhood party where residents met near Fountain Square. It has since grown to be the largest Oktoberfest in the nation. Well, 2nd only to the one held during the same weekend in Munich of course. That, my friends is why Oktoberfest is held in September. The 1st Oktoberfest was held on the 3rd weekend in September in Munich and we Zinzinnatians adhere to tradition. Here are a few more interesting facts to provide you with more insight on our beloved city’s German heritage.

Oktoberfest host “The World’s Largest Chicken Dance” each year. Past dance leaders have included Weird Al, Homer Simpson and Vince Neil, to name a few.

Our own Tyler-Davidson fountain was made by Ferdinand von Miller Jr., the son of the man who made Munich’s version of our “Genius of Water.”

Our Suspension Bridge was designed by Johann Roebling, a German-American. Many of our fair city’s landmarks are owed to those of German heritage, like Findlay Market, Music Hall and Spring Grove Cemetery.

Now that you’ve had your history lesson, go enjoy yourself amongst 50,000 other locals this weekend anytime from Friday September 19th through Sunday September 21st.