Hardwood or Laminate?

Hardwood or Laminate? It’s a dilemma many have to face when deciding how to update their flooring. I’ve lived with both in my homes, and both come with equal pros and cons.

In my first home when we wanted to tear out the old worn-out, faded, stained carpet of the previous owners, I wanted hardwood flooring! The appeal to real hardwood can’t be denied. There is something to be said when you walk into a home and are greeted by a beautiful hardwood floor that shows off every fiber of nature from where it came. The natural beauty of the wood and its warmth is enhanced with a beautiful finish that brings out the absolute best of your home and tells every guest who walks in that you care about the fine details of a well crafted home. But, since this was our first home and since we were planning on moving within a year and the fact that our budget didn’t allow for it, we choose a nice laminate instead.

Laminate flooring as opposed to real hardwood has many redeeming qualities. For starters, laminate is more affordable; you can expect to pay almost 50% less for laminate than for hardwood. We were able to replace the entire first floor in that home with laminate at a very reasonable price and still had money left in the budget for new carpet in the bedrooms. Laminate also won’t dent and scratch as easily. Since it’s made from pressed wood, it is more durable and resists stains and moisture, you can drop just about anything on it and it won’t dent or scratch.

Try dropping a piece of furniture on a new hardwood floor. That’s just what happened to my new hardwood floor in the home we had built after we moved from the old one. We found out soon enough how susceptible to dents hardwood is when we were trying to move furniture into the new house. There will forever be a reminder of move-in day on my floor at the entrance of my kitchen; a 2 inch gash that screams “See me! Here I am!” It’s hard to miss and reminds me daily that hardwood is easily dented. On the flip side, natural hardwood flooring can be repaired easily, unlike laminate since laminate has to be replaced in larger solid pieces and might not match if pieces are bought separately.

One last detail stands out in my mind as I think back to the laminate days of the past. It may sound petty and insignificant, but the noise of the laminate drove me nuts. The echoing reverberation of the dog’s nails as he would run through the house and the hallowed, muffled clank as we walked the halls annoyed me to no end. Fast forward to our new home today where we choose to install hardwood floor throughout and there is no annoying, hallowed, unnatural echo throughout the home. Instead, there is warmth and scratches and dents that detail every natural fiber of our life in the new house.

Depending on your budget and the market value of the home you’re considering for new flooring, hardwood may not be a financially reasonable choice. However, if the budget allows you can never go wrong with a new, warm hardwood floor!

All things considered, what have you chosen in the past and what do you prefer, hardwood or laminate? Leave a comment with any helpful tips and don’t forget to share this post on Facebook tagging Real Property Management.


Emily Schmidt


Emily Schmidt is a Sibcy Cline REALTOR® from Beavercreek, Ohio. She has helped clients in both the Dayton and Cincinnati areas find their dream home and sell their current property. Emily can be reached by phone at 937-409-6337 or by email at [email protected]



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