Realtor Referral Program

Not every prospect is going to list, and not every listing is going to sell…Real Property Management has developed a program which helps both you and your client when faced with either of these situations.

The Realtor Referral Program has been developed due to our success with homeowners who had their homes listed for sale when they came to us. Because the home was not selling and the homeowner had to find an answer to this situation, RPM’s help was enlisted. RPM took over the property and managed it until it could be sold by the original Listing Realtor.

RPM is now offering this program to realtors. The program pays licensed agents a referral fee of $200.00 for each homeowner you have that hires RPM. Once you’ve sent us a referral, you automatically become one of our preferred agents. When the owner is able to sell in the future, they are automatically referred back to you with NO referral fee due back to RPM.

In addition, as a preferred agent, RPM can refer owners to YOU when they are ready to BUY or SELL. This is a way to preserve your listings that are not selling and potentially receive more listings/sales at the same time! RPM does NOT SELL Real Estate, that’s your job!

You can leave your client’s home listed for sale while it is advertised to find a tenant, in case you get an offer for purchase before it rents. Other situations which benefit from the Realtor Referral Program include listing appointments you determine cannot afford to sell right now, clients purchasing investment property, and property you currently manage which you may not want to anymore.

Contact RPM Midwest for more information about the Realtor referral program. Currently we have local offices in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Columbus, Dayton, or Louisville.

Helping owners protect their investment is a priority at RPM. The following is a sample of the services offered by RPM:

-Aggressive advertising campaigns including multiple pictures and an online video tour prepared by a staff licensed leasing agent.

-Thorough background screening process including credit, criminal, and income verification.

-Rent collection at the beginning of the month with incentives to make on-time payments.

-Detailed monthly accounting reports and on-line portal access.

-Complete property maintenance services with in-house maintenance staff and 24 hour availability.

-No cost evictions while enrolled in EPP (Eviction Protection Plan).

-Dedicated support staff.

Are you ready to close more deals, make more money? The best agents get ahead by having the best team. Contact RPM today 866-500-6200.



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