Reasons Why Tenants, Landlords, and Property Managers All Like Online Portals For Rental Property Communications…

Whether you’re the tenant, landlord, or property manager, you can benefit from online owner/tenant portals. Being able to keep all important documents in one place and access them as needed is important. No more wasting time! Portals are a great tool to communicate, address concerns, and manage properties. As a landlord, are you using online portals to help you manage your properties and connect with tenants? Online portals boast several benefits for property managers and they can save you time while making you a strong competitor in your market. Technology is an important part of our everyday lives. Advances are constantly being made to create more efficient ways to handle every day tasks. Landlord/tenant portals were designed to make both the property owner’s and tenant’s lives easier. One of the most convenient ways for you to implement online portals is by using property management services that offer these as part of their package. This keeps you from having to manage multiple platforms and keep up with passwords.

What are Online Landlord and Tenant Portals?

Also referee to as owner and tenant portals, these are an online platform where property owners and tenants can log in to access property information and communicate with the property manager. Receipts, invoices, and statements are made available to both the landlords and tenants so that they are able to see the current status and review their lease, as well as, management information. Landlords can review requests and inspections, likewise, tenants are able to submit maintenance requests whenever they need to.

What are the Benefits of Online Portals?

  • Provide Easy to Access Self-service Options – Using online portals, tenants are able to pay their rent and make maintenance requests at their convenience. This saves them the time and hassle of having to go into the office.
  • Information Transparency – Tenants and property owners are able to log into and view all the information they need in regards to their lease and the property.
  • Less Calls and Emails – Mobile and online access allows you to access all account details from your cell phone or computer. This decreases the amount of times tenants and property owners have to call the property manager. Not to mention, messages on the portal are organized like conversations which makes it easier to look back at them other and determine who said what. All communication can be handle on the portal and an email will be sent to the tenant and property owner so that no message is missed.
  • Be a Strong Competitor in a Growing Market – Online portals keep you up to date with today’s technology and appeal to potential tenants who want easy access to their account and services.
  • Accessible 24/7 From Anywhere – All parties are able to access their portal from anywhere in the world whenever they need to. Both current and old documents are available.

Why Tenants Like Online Portals

Tenant portals all tenants to access important account information with you. They are able to see unpaid balances, pay their rent, and make requests for maintenance repairs. Tenants are also able to access their lease and other important documents that you choose to make available on their portal. Tenants enjoy being able to pay their rent online. Portals offer a secure platform for them to safely make a transaction. Rent can be paid from any location which helps them avoid late fees when they can’t make it into the office. There is also the option to sign up for auto payment, which ensures that rent is paid on time. Tenants are able to keep track of all of their payments and view any account balances. Being able to submit maintenance requests as needed is just another reason tenant portals draw in applicants. Clogged sink? AC not working? Go online and submit a request at any time, on any day. Provide a brief description and add photos or a voice message. A maintenance crew will be there as soon as possible prepared to fix the problem. Tenants won’t have to make a dozen calls and wait on a call back anymore. They can also accept scheduled maintenance inspections or request another day or time for those to be completed. Some tenants like connecting with their neighbors. Online portals allow tenants to stay in contact with others in their community. Any calendar events and announcements will be posted on the portal making community engagement easier than ever. Tenant portals allow tenants to connect with leasing specialists who can assist them as they move in or out, as well as, with renewing their lease. They have the option to sign documents electronically and review them any time from your couch. Portals make things easier for the tenant and puts everything at their fingertips. They are able to access their portal whenever they need to. Tenant portals have developed mobile apps and even text messaging options to make life more convenient.

Why Property Owners Like Online Portals

Owner portals give you secure access to property data and documents 24/7. You will also be able to add owner statements and report packets as needed. This eliminates the need for some paperwork which will save you time monthly. It is completely up to you which information you want to share in your owner portal. Landlords are given accessible control of their properties when they log into the platform. Being able to access statements, ledgers, receipts, invoices, and tax documents are important for the property owners. All of their information is available in one place. Portals also allow them to create maintenance requests and monitor progress, choose a quote to suit their budget and approve the job, as well as review a complete rental history.

Why Property Managers Like Online Portals

Property managers can be overwhelmed by the number of inquiries and requests that come in every day from tenants and landlords but regardless, it is their job to make sure everything is addressed in a timely manner. This isn’t a easy task but online portals can help! Online portals reduce the amount of paper a property manager uses and saves them money. Keeping track of important documents is made easier with online portals as they are all made available online. Being a property manager can be time consuming. Online portals allow tenants and landlords to access any document they need without calling their property manager and make them take time out of their day to find whatever they need. This allows them to complete other tasks to keep their business running successfully.

Having a property management company handling your rentals will help you to live a more enjoyable life. You’ll have less stress, more free time, and essentially more freedom.

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