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Wish your tenants would pay rent on time, every month, and not hassle you with a reason (read “excuse”) why they are going to be late or not pay rent at all? How much is peace of mind worth knowing every month your rent payments are guaranteed?

Real Property Management have developed 3 guaranteed programs specifically designed to financially protect the property owner AND the investment. Keep in mind, RPM is the only property manager in the region offering guaranteed anything…..

Rent Payment Guarantee- Your money on time, every time. If/when a tenant placed by RPM fails to pay rent, RPM will pay the owner and amount equal to the unpaid rent.

60 Day Rental Guarantee- RPM will locate a qualified tenant within 60 days of advertising property for rent, if we don’t, you don’t pay a leasing fee/commission.

Eviction Protection Plan (EPP)- Start to finish eviction processing at NO additional cost to the owner if an eviction is ever necessary.

Real Property Management allows the investor to pay for these services on a monthly basis, they carry NO RISK OR OBLIGATION and can be canceled at any time. Programs that offer owners/investors peace of mind in an ever changing real estate market.

Like more information on our guaranteed services? Simply click here for information and to schedule a free consultation.

Real Property Management is the nation’s leading property manager. For over 30 years Real Property Management has developed intelligent business solutions for thousands of property owners, investors and Realtors nationwide

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