Rent Ready?

We’ve all seen (or smelled) them, visited friends or family that lived in them. I’m talking about that dirty, smelly, insect infested house or apartment that even Mom wouldn’t approve of.  As an investor or landlord, there are important steps and expenses you need to take in getting a rental property ready to show to prospective renters. The term “Rent ready” means the property has been cleaned, repaired, and is in rent-able condition for new tenants. Below are a few tips from Real Property Management to help you avoid common mistakes and speed up the process of finding a reliable tenant.  

-Spruce up the yard. Cut the grass, trim bushes, pull weeds. Replace dead or dying shrubs and add new plants to flower beds. (as allowed)

-Re-key the locks. Remember to change the garage door and alarm codes as well.  Re-key all outside doors.  And remember other locks too: mailboxes, side gates, outdoor sheds. Make sure you have all HOA issued gate remotes and codes, plus keys (and codes) to the community pools and fitness center.

-Change furnace filters. In addition to changing filters, clean the vents and check the surrounding ceiling area for cob webs. While you’re on the ladder, inspect the ceiling fans making sure the fans (indoor and outdoor) operate properly and are dust-free. Now is a great time to replace smoke detector batteries as well.

-Hire a top-to-bottom cleaning crew, including carpet and tile. Everyone has a different opinion of “clean” so do yourself a favor and send in the professional cleaners. A good cleaning crew will get every area of the property clean – from scrubbing the baseboards to shampooing the carpet, no room will be left behind.

-Paint, repair and fix. Fix any holes in the walls before applying a fresh new coat of paint. Repair or replace any carpet that shows signs of damage (or doesn’t come clean after a professional carpet cleaning). Fix or replace any damaged tiles.

-Let in the light. Replace any broken bulbs and consider energy-efficient replacement, which reduce energy costs and don’t need to be replaced as often. (and don’t forget the bulbs outside!) Keep the utilities on and maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in the home. Inspect and clean windows and sliding glass doors. Windows and (especially) sliding glass doors can easily build up dirt. A good cleaning will not only let in more light, but may help them work better.

As the industry leader, Real Property Management is your partner in navigating the real estate market. Following these easy steps will not only maintain your investment, but will also eliminate costly vacancy time.

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