Safety Tips for Realtors

September is REALTOR safety month.  Agents across the nation have been robbed, assaulted and even murdered.  We at Real Property Management take the safety of our agents very seriously and would like to share our top 10 safety tips for Realtors to avoid putting yourself at risk.

1)  Prior to your showing appointment or open house, familiarize yourself with the neighborhood.  Drive through and get a feel for the area.

2)  Be choosy about showing times.  Avoid showing properties after dark where there is more risk for a safety concern.

3)  Prior to your meeting, let one of your colleagues know exactly where you will be and at what time.

4)  Have a code word.  Should you feel suspicious of a prospect, call the colleague who knows where you are and use the code word to alert them that you may be in danger.

5)  Upon entering the property, find any and all entry/exit doors to ensure that you have a means of getting out.

6)  Request that the prospects fill out a sheet with all of their contact info included.  If the person looking is legitimate, they should have no problem providing their name, email and driver license number.

7)  Never let the prospect walk behind you.

8)  Don’t leave valuables in plain site, whether it’s inside or in your car.  Make sure briefcase, laptop, tablets, etc. are inconspicuous.

9)  Download a security app on your smartphone such as bsafe.

10) Saving the best for last, always go with your gut feeling.  If your instinct says something just doesn’t feel right, apply the aforementioned tips accordingly.



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