Creating Summer Memories (and crafts) With Your Kids

As the father of six year old Thunder and three year old Bubbles, I wanted to share a couple quick and easy craft ideas to try at home with your kids. Both are adaptable for kids of all ages, and are easy to make with materials you probably already have.

Puffy Paint Picture: Making your own puffy paint picture is fun for all ages and uses basic supplies. Give it a try and see what the kids can create. I think it makes a cool design/picture because of the 3D textural quality the puffy paint provides.

What you’ll need: Flour, salt, water, food coloring and a card

Instructions: Mix together equal parts flour, salt and water. Divide into separate containers and add a couple of drops of food coloring to each, creating as many colors as you like.

Spread the pastes thickly onto the card using cotton buds to make your picture. When dry, hang the creations on the fridge, everything looks better hanging on the fridge for the world to see.

Beach Sculptures: Next time you visit the beach, walk the shore with the kids to gather supplies for your own beach sculptures! Look at the interesting shapes you can find. Bring the best of your collection home or back to the hotel with you.

What you’ll need: Shells, pebbles, driftwood, or any interesting bits found along the beach and a hot glue gun.

Arrange the bits into whatever shape you like. Older kids if supervised can glue their creations together, younger kids not so much.

Once dry, the sculptures can be used to decorate a kids room, bathroom or better yet, wrapped and given as birthday or holiday gifts to grandparents. Trust me…grandma and grandpa love this kind of stuff!

Have a great summer creating memories (and crafts) with the kids!


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