(Budget) Summer Travel Tips

Summer is almost here, school will be out and everyone in the family is ready for a summer vacation. Many families can still afford to take a trip this summer if they know how to budget wisely. Follow the tips below and maybe I’ll see YOU enjoying the Family Truckster on the open road!

Set a budget. Don’t rule out shorter trips or consider checking out the tourist spots where you live.
Research, research, research. Browse the Internet for low-price airfares and lodging accommodations but read the fine print.
Determine a realistic gas allowance. If you’re planning a road trip. Gas could exceed $4 per gallon this summer in many areas, so plan accordingly.
Know the line of credit on your credit cards and daily withdrawal amounts allowed for your debit/ATM cards. Also, make sure your ATM card is accepted at your destination without any additional charges.
Know the refund policies for your airline, hotel, booking site, travel agent, etc. If the airline doesn’t offer a refund policy, you should purchase travel insurance just to be safe.
If you’re going on a summer road trip, get your car tuned up. Be sure to check the condition of your vehicle’s tires, belts, battery, and brakes before setting out on the open road. Maintenance is cheaper than emergency road service and also helps “maximize your gas mileage.”
Organize your packing. Pack a few days in advance to avoid having to making a purchase at overpriced hotel gift shops for a forgotten item.
Cut back on activities. You don’t have to visit every tourist attraction while you’re vacationing. Spend more time relaxing. That’s the point right?

Grocery shop. During your stay, go grocery shopping and if the room permits cook there. Also, most hotels/motels and even resorts offer the use of free BBQ grills, just ask.

Remember- Life is a journey, not a destination. Always try to enjoy yourself and spend quality time with the people you love!



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  1. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    Great tips for summer break here! It’s great getting a vacation when the weather’s warm, but you don’t have to break your bank either. Setting a budget, I’d say, is probably the best tip here. Thanks for sharing!


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