2017 Super Bowl Party!

Need a few tips on planning an awesome Super Bowl party? There are many different options when it comes to Super Bowl party ideas. Just don’t lose sight of what that night is all about: food, football, food, fun, food and If your like me the food and the commercials are the highlight of the game.

Party Space & Seating: A Super Bowl party should always revolve around the Super big game. Set up an ideal space for your friends and family to enjoy the big game and you’ll be one step closer to executing the perfect party. First, you need to decide where you want everyone to watch the game. You can either have everyone watch one big TV, or set up multiple rooms with TV’s so your guest can spread out and move around. Either way, make sure you have enough comfortable seating for everyone.

Decorations: Once you have decided the viewing space, you need to decorate the area with lots of football theme party decorations. You can tailor the party decorations to the teams playing in the big game. Use both team colors, mascots, and even decorations that relate to Houston (home of the Texans) the city in which the Super Bowl is being hosted this year.

Food, food and food: Super Bowl parties wouldn’t be complete without the yummy food! Next to the actual game, the food is nearly the most important aspect. When planning your Super Bowl menu remember simple finger foods such as spinach and artichoke dip, fruit or veggie trays and chicken tenders make perfect appetizers, but don’t forget the six foot party sub from Sub-Station is ideal for everyone invited.

Beverages: Of course when you’re planning a Super Bowl menu, make sure you have plenty of drinks for your guests. While beer is popular on Super Bowl night, it’s also a good idea to offer guests non-alcoholic beverages like pop, punch, and water.

Attire: The final aspect to planning the ultimate Super Bowl party is to make sure that all your guests have fun regardless of who wins. A great way to get everyone pumped is to suggest that everyone to wear the team colors or jersey of the team they want to win. This will create a competitive, but friendly atmosphere for the party.

Commercials: With ads from Chrysler to Doritos, Coca-Cola and even Nike at a whopping $5 Million per 30 second ad. What commercials are you most looking forward to, and who’s ad will likely harness the power of social media in the coming months? Share your prediction for the big game below and share party ideas with your friends on Facebook!



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