Hosting the Superest Super Bowl Party!

Are you planning to host the epicist Super Bowl party EVER this year?…A Super Bowl party awesomer than lame-o-Phil Whatshisname threw in 2018?  With so many options and ideas swirling, it’ll be easy to blow Phil’s party out-the-window…..As long as you don’t lose sight of what the big day is all about: food, puppy-bowl (put $50 on team Rufffootball, food, cheerleaders, cocktails, more illegal-$-gambling, more food. Everyone knows the puppy-bowl halftime extravaganza is better than a reunion with 2/3 of  a bankrupt TLC or some juicy-fruit 90’s up-cycled boy band the No Fun League chose to cram down our throats….BREATHE…Focus, don’t lose sight of what the big game is supposed to be…FUN!…mix a little funky 70′ music for background noise, add more food, drinks, and If your like me, another round of good spirited C-H-E-E-R-L-E-A-D-E-R-S for everyone!!

I’ve thrown down a few tips to make your party the talk around the water-cooler come Monday.

Party Space & Seating: A great Super Bowl party should always revolve around great food, drinks and at least one 85″ Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV.  to watch and take our attention away from those long-winded shoulda, coulda, woulda tales of the high school glory days your idiot friends dispel….knock it off already.

NOW, Look at you, on your way to executing the perfect party….

Decorations: Why???  Focus on providing great food, drinks and enough cheerleaders for all your buddies (recommend 2 per).   No one’s going to remember what color the streamers, balloons or ….whatever…. Right?

Food, food and food: Super Bowl parties wouldn’t be complete without miles of yummy food! Besides the game, watching the cheerleaders and chatting up that superb redhead, Becky from accounting. Food is THE most important aspect of the night. When planning, remember simple finger foods such as spinach and artichoke dip, fruit or veggie trays, and chicken wings make great appetizers. Consider going all out with a pig roast or maybe deep frying a turkey…better yet, keep it simple-stupid. Order a 6 Foot Sub Party Pack…that’s a NO brainer and it won’t burn down your garage……your guests will love it!

Beverages: Of course when planning a Super Bowl menu, make sure you have plenty of cocktails for your guests. While beer is always popular, it’s also a good idea to offer guests non-alcoholic beverages like pop, punch, and water.

Gr$$n Commercials: With ads from Chrysler to Doritos, Coca-Cola and Nike costing a whopping $5.3+ Million, per 30 seconds, make sure your watching…. What, if any commercials are you most looking forward to, and what companies ad will likely harness the almighty power of social media in the coming months?

Share your prediction for the big game or any other errant comments below, of”course feel free to use and share this babble as a roadmap to executing a successful party with friends, family and those creepy people watching you on    ‘shhh..

So, what have we learned? Enjoy the party, the game, food.  Most importantly stay safe on the ride home. Consider a designated driver or an on demand service like UBER or lyft 


Matt Pelton

 Matt’s an Ohio Realtor with 20+ years experience in residential and investment sales, leasing, property management. You can find Matt weekdays as the Sales Manger at Real Property Management. If you have something nice to say…call Matt at 866.500.6200, via email ([email protected]) or DM on twitter @CincySalesGuy
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