School Tax Levy’s and How YOU Can Raise Property Values

Recently voters were at the polls again to submit their two-cents on who should be at which appointed political position and what school tax levies will pass/fail. Of the issues currently at hand (and in my opinion one of the most important to consider), is the one involving a child’s education.

A co-worker and I were discussing the recent polls, tax levy’s etc. and during the conversation it came up that he noticed there wasn’t as many “close” percentage points between passing of schools levies this year. What a keen observation! Years past, it was a nail biter on whether or not your school tax levy was going to pass regardless if it was a tax increase or just a renewal. The yo-yo effect would go through the night and in the morning you would find out if the school would receive their money or not to help educate our leaders of tomorrow. This year’s trend was different across the board and most of the school tax levies that passed, actually passed with more than just a few percentage points in between. GREAT JOB OHIO!

Most homeowners (whether they have kids in public school system or not) are starting to realize that passing school tax levies and the rising of home values actually go hand in hand. If you have a desirable school system (and keep in mind they need tax MONEY to keep it desirable), PEOPLE WILL WANT TO LIVE THERE! When people want to live in your area, your property values INCREASE! I am happy to see this shift and hope this is just the beginning of a variety of good things in store for Ohio. 

Education is the key to paving a direct path towards the success of our future. After reading this article, take a few minutes to think about what you are doing to contribute your part. If you are a homeowner/investor that is paying a school levy tax, be sure you vote YES to pass the next one. That initial investment puts money back in YOUR pocket in the long run.