Tiny Houses

Perhaps you’ve heard of the mysterious “tiny house” trend which is gathering a small but forceful following. A Tiny house is exactly what it sounds like – a small dwelling, built on a trailer platform with an area usually less than three hundred square feet. Inside are all the usual house amenities – bathroom, kitchen, bed, living space – only drastically condensed, and for a fraction of the cost to build.




For many people, the appeal of tiny houses is that they are practical and cheap. Young people see it as a way to own a home, without the potentially overwhelming responsibility, time, effort, and financial commitment. Older retired folks may find a substantial downsize to be appealing. There’s also the environmental crowd who find the small footprint, economy and efficiency of space compliments their ethical stance. Others wish to live more simply.




The drawbacks appear to be that banks won’t finance tiny houses, and in many states they are difficult or impossible to occupy legally. For this reason, it’s also difficult to determine how many tiny houses actually exist. Finding a place to “park” your tiny house is often problematic – they are excluded from many R.V. parks, and their shape makes them difficult and costly to tow.




Despite adversity, companies specializing in tiny home construction, sales, and advise are springing up. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers workshops all over the U.S., and their website sells trailers (for foundations) and several models of tiny house for customers to choose from. Tiny Texas Houses, a similar company out of (you guessed it) the big state of Texas, uses salvaged (re-used) materials to construct their tiny houses.

How do you feel about tiny houses? Can you picture yourself living in one? If not today, maybe someday or under different circumstances?




For more information about tiny houses, here are a few articles and websites:





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