Tips For Renters: Staying Ahead of the Ball in the Busy Summer Market

Moving is stressful, and the busy summer months make it even harder to find and secure a new place to live.  It’s frustrating to call a management company thinking you”ve found the perfect home, only to be told it’s already been rented.  Knowing these tips will help you stay ahead of the competition and get that rental you want!

  • Advertising sites like Zillow, Trulia, and are great sites that pull information from several different sources.  However, most rental or management companies have their own website that lists their current rentals.  Advertising sites are not always updated as frequently, so you may want to go directly to the source  by finding your local property management company’s website.  For instance, Real Property Management’s current listings can be found at, as well as several subsidiary sites.
  • Speaking of going directly to the source, once you find a property you’re interested in, try to contact the leasing agent directly.  Due to the nature of this business, email is usually best.  Leasing agents are frequently away from their desk at showings and other appointments, so phone calls and voicemails can be difficult.
  • Be on time.  Rentals go super fast this time of year, and if you’re late to your scheduled showing or miss an appointment, it’s likely you won’t get another chance before someone else snatches that rental up.  Plus, being punctual is a great attribute for a renter to have, because it lets your landlord know you will also be responsible with your rent and tenant duties.
  • Be organized.  You will probably be requested to provide paystubs or some other proof of income, plus a driver’s license or other form of ID.  Make sure you have these documents available or at least easily accessible to you, so you aren’t holding up the rental process.
  • Understand the rental requirements for the company or person you are trying to rent from.  Competition is fierce and your chances of getting a place are even slimmer if you don’t qualify.  Don’t waste anyone’s time or your hard-earned money on application fees!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if there are any rentals coming available that meet your criteria.  Sometimes leasing agents know of something that was just vacated or will be soon, and they will usually be more than willing to get a new tenant lined up as soon as possible.  Just keep in mind, a recently vacated property will probably have some work that needs to be done so you may have to be flexible with a move-in date or showings.  Real Property Management prefers to have properties totally move-in ready before they advertise or show a property.

Even though the summer rental market is fierce, don’t settle for a property you’ll have to live with for the next year or so.  Find a good rental from a reputable company like Real Property Management!