DIY Flat Screen TV/Flat Panel HDTV Mounting: HoHo Holiday Edition!

No one wants to see a bunch of tangled cords coming out of their TV, it makes for a messy unfinished look. It does not take a handyman to get creative with your TV wall mounting. Use these DIY ideas to hide your TV cords.

  1. Simple DIY style

This is a straightforward way to hide your TV cords. Cut a small hole behind your TV and another one behind your entertainment center, preferably close to the cable box. Next, pull the cords through mount plates or flexible tubing, making sure to tighten them to the wall. Make sure you use a stud finder to ensure you have an open space to run the cords through. Plug in the cords once they have been pulled through the wall.

Here are some other ideas for hiding TV cords, that can be used for both wall-mounted, and non-mounted TVs.

  1. Zip-tie it

Using a multi-outlet plug in place of a full power strip can help keep unsightly cords off of the ground. Bundle the wires with zip ties behind your entertainment center to keep your TV space looking nice and clean. This also creates the illusion of more space, which is very important in case you are ready to sell the house.

  1. Get strategic

If you have a TV stand or cabinet below your wall-mounted TV, strategically place items that will hide the length of the cord running down. You could use stacked books, large candles, vases. This will add accent features and keep the space nicely covered.

  1. Use your furniture

Notch out one of the legs of your TV stand to hide the wires. On the backside of the TV stand (or cabinet), notch out a thin line running down the back. Direct the wires into the notched area to keep them from getting tangled and to keep them out of view. It doesn’t take furniture removal to get the idea that you can get creative and utilize the furniture.

  1. Choose proper location for your TV

Often the location of the TV is poorly chosen and doesn’t allow any options for hiding cords. That is why it is important to select the best place for your TV. Sometimes you will see a better location for the TV only after proper furniture removal. However, if that means a better looking interior and more convenient place for the TV, it is well worth the effort.

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